Friday, February 22, 2008

Butter spread Vs. Fat spread

I was shopping around with a friend to get some things for a BBQ session. So, we headed down to Mydin to get the meat, marinade sauce and butter. When we came to the dairies section, I spotted to different type of butter, Farm Cows and Butter Cup. So since Farm Cows was cheaper, I took it. When we went for the BBQ, that fat spread became the entertainment of the century. Apparently, I didn't read the packaging of the Farm Cows butter properly. It said: FAT SPREAD instead of LUXURY SPREAD (as in Butter Cup).

FAT SPREAD? Why would you sell fat?

Now, this looks like normal butter.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snake wine

Now this is really weird... its a cobra holding a scorpion by its tail in its mouth, soaked in alcohol and perfectly placed into a bottle. Its in my lecturer's room at INTI and a student from Myanmar brought it for him. It really gives me the creeps...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Kama Sutra condoms

Damn, what a way to encourage people to use condoms... just call it 'Kama Sutra'. I have never seen this brand before this and, seriously, from the way it is packaged, i don't think its that safe... So, the next time you need to have a 'quicky' JUST ASK FOR KAMA SUTRA!

Damn good internet speed...

I was downloading games and stuff in INTI on Saturday using a private IP address that normal students can't use in INTI (CCNA privileges LOL!). The speed shot up to 470kbps.... normal IP only gets 40kpbs max. About 40 seconds to download a 18MB file. Damn!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lecturer Head-Banging to Shakira

Yes, he does that very often (in this pic he's watching Shakira's Tango on YouTube) and his favorite songs include Shakira's Tango, Las Ketchup, Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier and songs from Britney Spears. By the way, Shakira is his favorite. LOL! It's true. He's my CISCO lecturer Mr. Kannan, the most brilliant lecturer in INTI by far. He's in his mid 40's and he's from India. I like hanging out with him because he's really fun.

My Toilet Is Becoming The Beach

If i die buried in sand in my apartment, this would be the cause. Out of nowhere sand has filled up my housemate's toilet. I guess it because of the rain and maybe the toilet's drain got clogged up but why sand??? By the way, the toilet tiles are actually blue... yes, its true. You can hardly see the tiles. Well, the owner promised to come and fix it but it would probably take awhile. Until then, I really want to stay alive...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Phone Pre-paid card called No BullS***

Wow! This is certainly funny. It's called No BullShit for some reason. I've only seen this in Nilai. Never ever seen it before this. I took this pic at a convenience store near my apartment block. "The Cheapest in the town" is their tag-line. I wonder if its really true.